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To provide our clients with state of the art, cutting edge, therapeutic interventions in a safe respectful environment, while encouraging authenticity and spiritual connection.

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Thomas and Thomas Consulting Group, LLC

Helping Families Heal
Sheila Thomas, LMFT, CSAT       Thomas Tullos, LPC, CSAT-S

Our approach focuses on skill building, encourages spirituality, prayer, and meditation to help you reconnect with self. We believe that happiness is found through connections with other people and our therapeutic process teaches skills to rebuild and sustain healthy relationships.

We believe recovery from chemical and process addiction is possible. We are dedicated to providing quality care and empowering every client. We believe acknowledging clients own unique life experiences shape treatment goals, which allows the restoration and pursuit of a healthy, productive, joy-filled life. Healing must occur in a safe place in order to recognize potential, restore oneself, rebuild relationships and reconnect mind, body and spirit.

Thomas and Thomas believes that addiction is one disease, with many manifestations; including chemical dependency and compulsive behaviors involving food, sex, and money. We believe that healthy interpersonal relationships are the antidote to addictive behaviors. Treatment planning will include the development of an age appropriate boundary system, assertive communication skills, relapse prevention tools, all while promoting high levels of personal accountability with self and others.

Core issues that underlie addiction will be identified by breaking through denial, resolving trauma, reestablishing healthy emotional expression, and looking deeply into an individual’s grief and loss. Our experience reinforces our belief that by treating the whole addiction; we are healing the whole person.
We are dedicated to healing relationships and value personal recovery.

Research shows that when one person struggles with an addiction, the marriage is 4x more likely to end in divorce (Gottman).

 Outpatient Treatment Provided For:

Sexual Addiction     Pornography Addiction     Eating Disorder

Depression   Anxiety    Trauma Resolution    Chemical Addiction

LGBT Issues Grief/Loss Boundary Issues Relationship Issues
Individual     Groups     Couples     Family     Workshops Addiction Assessments

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